i-think-it-is-lovely asked: Please write me a haiku

a wall acned in
family photos but no
face has open eyes

what is there to make? snake skin. a perfect gaze. the words are perfect because they are written beforehand. everything turns out because it’s written beforehand. this is my last cigarette. my perfect last cigarette. it is perfect because i wrote it before i smoked it.

the teenagers responsible — soda pop

einstürzende neubauten — zerstörte zelle

mason cripple

—good king wenceslas

what would you do in five seconds? what could you build in five seconds? what could you do without in five seconds? five seconds of anticipation. five seconds of rupture. five seconds of burial. a picture is worth five seconds. in five seconds, you can fill your body in guilt, snapped on like an iron main suit.

this whole thing feels like pulling on a zipper stuck with cloth folded in. the zipper don’t budge if you’re pulling side to side. nothing moves until the thread breaks and the zipper falls stuck.

tune the strings. bleachers. a house full of bowling alley chairs, waxed and bright. graphite pencil clippings. the pink slab of carbon copy paper. five fingers with one red finger nail. it seems that it would be the same old recess, but grandma defecated on the floor again. it was brother’s job to make sure she could make it to the bathroom in time, but he was too busy microwaving hot dogs. it would be the same old picture except for this time, there was a pair of uggs deflating in the corner of the room.

slant 6 — what kind of monster are you?

mason cripple — map of hearts (part 2)

it was one thing when the consequence was more life (another life). you encounter that with preservation of more life. it was another thing when the consequence was death (your death). you encounter that now with medicine for life. i don’t understand how now there is consequence for more life (another life) with more death (another death) without consequence of death (your death).

nick cave and the bad seeds — the weeping song

it’s not me, it’s shame. it’s not me, it’s sha me. it’s notme, it’s shame. it’s notme, it’s not shame.