mason cripple — map of hearts (part 2)

it was one thing when the consequence was more life (another life). you encounter that with preservation of more life. it was another thing when the consequence was death (your death). you encounter that now with medicine for life. i don’t understand how now there is consequence for more life (another life) with more death (another death) without consequence of death (your death).

nick cave and the bad seeds — the weeping song

it’s not me, it’s shame. it’s not me, it’s sha me. it’s notme, it’s shame. it’s notme, it’s not shame.

mason cripple — i heard you call my name (part 2)

it’s not that the head moves side to side. it moves in a circle, but from head on, you never see it move back and forth.

sharon van etten — drive all night (the boss)

i can’t see how the faces are supposed to be the same. i can’t see how you moved home to the town where you left me to get on the bus. i can’t see how one persists. i sleep and wake and look at the clock and it’s been a year or two. i can’t see your face without a beard. i can’t see the bus station without the bus. i can’t see the seat empty. i can’t see how to persist for the 4-5 day walk.

damone — frustrated unnoticed